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“This legislation will create an industry that will bring equity and economic opportunity to our communities, while setting minimum standards for safe products and allowing law enforcement to focus their resources on genuine public safety issues.” Murphy, a Democrat, said in a press release. thank the legislative and community partners for their work on this issue. “Today, we are taking a monumental step forward in reducing racial disparities in our criminal justice system, while building a promising new industry and staying on the right side of history.

Murphy’s signing follows a 2020 ballot measure that saw New Jersey vote to legalize recreational marijuana. State lawmakers, unable to get enough support to pass a bill to fully legalize marijuana, agreed to pose the question directly to voters: “Do you approve of changing the Constitution to legalize some form?” controlled marijuana called “cannabis”? “
Public Question # 1 amended the state constitution to legalize cannabis for personal and non-medical use by adults 21 and older, with the state commission that oversees the medical market also regulating the personal market.
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill in December to end the federal cannabis ban. Although historic, the vote was largely symbolic and was never taken up by the Senate until the end of the Congress session.
Several states have sought to ease restrictions on marijuana, with New Jersey joining a growing cohort of states legalizing cannabis use. Voters in the five states with marijuana legalized on the ballot in November approved the measures, CNN reported last year.

Like New Jersey, Arizona also voted to legalize recreational marijuana, and Montana voted to both establish 21 as the legal age to buy, possess, and consume cannabis by constitutional amendment and to legalize cannabis. marijuana for recreational purposes. South Dakota approved legalization for both recreational and medical use – the first state to approve medical and recreational marijuana measures at the same time – and Mississippi voted to legalize medical marijuana, becoming one of the first southern states to do so.


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