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The daughters of Juan Carlos and sisters of the current King of Spain were vaccinated against Covid-19 in Abu Dhabi during a visit to their father in exile in the United Arab Emirates. Information that does not pass in Spain.

The two sisters of the King of Spain, Elena and Cristina, admitted on March 3 that they had been vaccinated against Covid-19 during a trip to visit their father Juan Carlos in exile in the Emirates, ignoring protocol health in force. What spark controversy in Spain.

“My sister and I were able to visit our father, and in order to obtain a health passport which allowed us to do so regularly [de lui rendre visite], we were offered to be vaccinated, which we accepted, ”explained the princesses in a joint statement. “If it had not been in these circumstances, we would have waited our turn to be vaccinated in Spain”, they assured in this text intended to extinguish a controversy which occurs a few days after the announcement of a tax regularization by ex-King Juan Carlos, 83, who also was vaccinated against Covid-19 in the Emirates, according to the Spanish press. The former monarch left for the Emirates in August amid growing suspicion about the opaque origin of his fortune.

If they had had to wait their turn in Spain, Elena and Cristina, aged 57 and 55 respectively, would have waited several weeks. For the moment, in Spain, priority has been given to the oldest, most exposed and most vulnerable people. In Spain, where the abuse of privilege scandals are increasing, this information has not gone very well.

The increasingly decried monarchy

The radical left-wing party Podemos, a member of the ruling coalition with the Socialists of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, strongly criticized the vaccination of infants. It is “one more piece of news contributing to the discrediting of the monarchical institution. For the public, this constitutes preferential treatment and privileges ”, denounced on public television Irene Montero, Minister of Equality and member of Podemos, an openly republican formation. Member of the PSOE (Socialist Workers’ Party), the Minister of Territorial Policy, Miquel Iceta, for his part considered that taking advantage of his “position” to be vaccinated before being entitled to it was “very bad”. The monarchy is one of the issues dividing the two partners in the ruling coalition, with the Socialists defending the parliamentary monarchy.

Contacted by AFP, a spokesperson for the royal palace declined to comment, simply recalling that the sisters of Felipe VI are not formally “part” of the royal family and that their actions therefore do not fall under From the palace.

This controversy comes less than a week after the announcement of the payment by Juan Carlos of nearly 4.4 million euros to the Spanish tax authorities to regularize his situation. This sum should allow him to meet the tax obligations arising from private jet flights, worth 8 million euros according to the press, paid by a foundation based in Liechtenstein belonging to one of his distant cousins. This regularization triggered a political storm in Spain where Pedro Sanchez, in singularly harsh terms, expressed on February 26 his “repulsion” and that of the “majority” of Spaniards against the “uncivil” actions of the former monarch.

According to Spanish media, the former head of intelligence, Felix Sanz Roldan, was also vaccinated in Abu Dhabi during a visit to Juan Carlos. A controversy had already erupted in January in Spain after information on the vaccination, outside the protocol, of the Chief of Staff, forced to resign.

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