New code of conduct needs to be more ‘concise’: West Kelowna council

The West Kelowna council asked staff to come back with a more concise code of conduct after deciding they found a draft document too wordy.

“It should be a one-page document that the public can read and see what we’re looking for,” the adviser said. Stephane Johnson.

Staff are updating the board’s code of ethics, which has been in effect since 2012, to meet a new provincial requirement.

The current code of ethics is a single page, while the new draft code of conduct is over four pages.

Johnston added that he was also pleased to see that the draft document does not appear to suggest the application of new code.

“We are elected and the application is that if the community wants us here, they will elect us, and if they don’t, they won’t elect us next time.”

Com. Rick de Jong also felt that the draft code was too long.

“I find it quite windy, to be honest. I would like to see it shortened to something simpler.

Four new pillars will be included as part of the code of conduct.

“I really like the fundamentals of integrity, respect and accountability, leadership and collaboration, all very important topics,” said Mayor Gord Milsom.

Staff were asked to edit the document, keeping it concise and to the point, and bring it back to the board for further review.

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