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New cell phone video shows moments after George Floyd was pulled out of his car

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Christopher Martin, a Cup Foods employee, was questioned today during the lawsuit over a possibly counterfeit $ 20 bill that George Floyd was using to buy cigarettes inside the store on May 25, 2020.

Martin said after reviewing the bill Floyd gave him, he thought it was a fake. Initially, Martin said, he thought he would just accept the bill and not confront Floyd about it. Martin said the store’s policy was “if you take a counterfeit invoice you will have to pay it with your money.”

He said at first he thought he was just going to take it and put it on his own “tab.” But Martin then decided to go talk to his manager about the bogus bill. His manager ordered him to get out of the car Floyd had been in and ask him about the bill. Martin said he went to Floyd’s vehicle twice.

The prosecution released a security video from the restaurant across the street that showed Martin and another employee walking out to Floyd’s car and asking him about the bill.

“I told them they had to come back to the store and the invoice was wrong and my boss wanted to talk to them,” Martin said.

He testified that Floyd “just seemed like he didn’t want this to happen. He was just kind of like, ‘why is this happening?'”

Martin said Floyd wouldn’t agree to return to the store.

He said he returned to the store and told his manager that Floyd was not coming back to the store. His manager told Martin to get back in the car and try again.

After Martin and a coworker tried a second time, Floyd still wouldn’t agree to walk into the store to talk to the manager. “George Floyd did not choose to enter the store,” he said.

He said after telling his manager a second time that George Floyd was not coming back to the store, someone called the police.



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