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New Caledonia: Louis Mapou, a Kanak separatist at the head of the government

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It is a historic election in New Caledonia, of which the new president, Louis Mapou is a Kanak independence activist. It had been 40 years since there was an independentist at the head of the Caledonian government.

In Martinique, the Haitian community is in shock after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. Outre-Mer also returns to the round table which took place in Paris on the nuclear tests carried out in Polynesia, while demonstrations were taking place in Papeete. In Guyana for more than twenty years, between 7 and 10 tons of gold are released each year illegally. A parliamentary commission of inquiry has been created to fight against illegal gold panning. In Reunion, report on the construction of a cable car, which cost 50 million euros and will be operational at the end of the year. The cables were notably fixed using drones. Finally in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, close-up on snow crab fishing, highly regulated and subject to quotas.


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