New Angle of Ricky Martin at Madonna Show Proves He 100% Had Erection


Ricky Martin

New angle with Madonna

Proves that he had 100% fun!!!

Ricky Martin 100% appeared to have an erection at MadonnaLast weekend’s show – although it may not have been clear at first… this new video leaves almost no doubt.

Check out this video we obtained that captures the erotic moment from Sunday’s concert in Miami – where Rick was on stage with Madge and had lots of close contact with her dancers during the “Vogue” segment of her show… where she and a the guests judge them.

As you can see in this footage – filmed from a much closer point of view and a slightly different angle – Ricky actually appears to be aroused during the sexy rubdown.

The dancer closest to Ricky actually appears to be banging his face and head against the guy’s crotch – and RM’s body reacts a bit to that… namely, a bit of throbbing and jostling under his pants – c That’s certainly what one would say from here anyway.

Remember…Ricky himself posted the OG video it showed him on stage – and at first it wasn’t clear if he was feeling horny, or if there was just something funky going on with his pants.

It was a bit of an optical illusion… but now, with this new POV, it’s clear what was happening. Considering the guy up front was making contact with Rick – not to mention literally fanning himself up there – there’s almost no doubt… RM was upside down, upside down.

One last detail about this that makes it even more hilarious… Alex Rodriguez And Chris Roche were in the crowd that night — and we’re told they captured Ricky’s moment!

We don’t know what they thought… but they were definitely paying attention, like everyone else that night.

We’ve reached out to his camp for comment…so far, no response.

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News Source : amp.tmz.com


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