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Nepalese climbers successfully complete first winter ascent of K2 – World

A team of Nepalese mountaineers succeeded on Saturday on the first winter ascent of K2, the second highest peak on the planet (8,611 m) and the only “8,000” that had never been climbed in winter.

” We did it ! The wild mountain of Karakoram was climbed during the most dangerous of seasons: in winter. Nepalese climbers finally reached the top of K2 this afternoon at 5 pm local time (12 pm GMT), ”Nepalese company Seven Summit Treks said on its Twitter account.

Temperatures down to -60 °

On the K2, nicknamed the “wild mountain”, the winds can blow in winter at more than 200 km / h and temperatures drop to -60 °. Due to its geographical position, further north than the other “8000s”, the atmospheric pressure is lower there and the air therefore even rarer. Its ascent is also very technical.

Determined to brave the excess of the elements, polar cold, hurricane-force winds and extremely rarefied air, about sixty mountaineers were currently launched to attack K2. Such a crowd was unheard of in winter on the second highest peak on the planet (8,611 m), located in Pakistan, in the Karakoram massif, on the border with China. Only a handful of winter expeditions had been carried out so far, since the first attempt in 1987-1988. But this year, no less than four teams were hard at work to achieve the feat!

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