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Nearly half of Americans want a COVID vaccine as soon as possible

WEDNESDAY Jan. 27, 2021 (HealthDay News) – Nearly half of Americans want the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as they can, a new poll suggests.

This percentage is even higher among those who know someone who has been vaccinated before.

“Perhaps more important than any post is the impact of seeing a neighbor, friend or family member get vaccinated without any adverse effects,” said Drew Altman, President and CEO of Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), which conducted the survey. “This gives hope that confidence in vaccines will grow over time.”

People find messages that promote the vaccine’s effectiveness and promise a return to normal convincing, but they are disheartened when they hear of allergic reactions and side effects, pollsters said.

The desire to be vaccinated is increasing among all groups, but Republicans and rural people remain the most reluctant.

The survey, conducted among more than 1,500 adults from January 11 to 18 and published on January 27 in the publication KFF COVID-19 vaccine monitor, found that 47% of Americans want to be vaccinated as soon as they can or have already been vaccinated. This is much higher than the 34% of the public who said they wanted to be vaccinated in December.

Another 31% say they want to ‘wait for it to be available for a while to see how it works for others’.

But 20% are more reluctant to be vaccinated, including 7% who will only get vaccinated “if it is necessary for work, school or other activities”, and 13% who say they will not get the vaccine. “Definitely not” to vaccinate, according to the survey found.

Race, politics play a role

Those who have been vaccinated or want to get vaccinated as soon as possible have increased among black, Hispanic and white adults.

Among white respondents, 53% are more likely to want the vaccine than black respondents (35%) and Hispanic respondents (42%).

More blacks (43%) and Hispanics (37%) are likely to say they will “wait and see” to get the vaccine than whites (26%).

Whites (51%) are more likely than black adults (38%) or Hispanic adults (37%) to have been vaccinated or to know someone who has, and those with an income from at least $ 90,000 are almost twice as likely as those with income less than $ 40,000 to say so (65% vs. 33%).