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NBA Twitter roasts Nets’ Bruce Brown for taking late shots, skipping Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving

Usually when you have two All-Stars on the field with you, you’re supposed to rely on them in late-game situations. But that’s not what Bruce Brown did for the Nets on Thursday night.

In Brooklyn’s loss in Game 3 to the Bucks, Brown took two of the last three shots for the Nets. He missed them both and that contributed to Brooklyn’s 86-83 loss.

When Brown took his first shot, a 15-foot midrange, the Nets were up one point with 20.3 seconds left. When he shot his next, a lay-up attempt, they were down one point with about six seconds left. Durant had a chance to tie the game with a late 3-point shot, but he couldn’t hit it.

In fairness to Brown, he had 16 points of 8 of 15 shots before his last two shots. So it’s not like he’s having a bad game. It’s just unusual for a role player to serve as the main shot creator for a late team, let alone one as star-studded as Brooklyn.

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Brown’s decision to take matters into his own hands has led to many jokes on NBA Twitter. And most came at his expense. (Disclaimer: Some of these tweets / videos contain the NSFW language).

These are hilarious as a whole, and Brown surely understands why NBA fans laugh at him. If he had pulled it off things certainly would have been different, but for now, Brown is NBA Twitter’s punching bag.

It’s safe to say that if Brown finds himself in an end-of-game situation again, he’ll likely defer to Durant, Irving and James Harden. Otherwise, he risks drawing attention to himself again for the wrong reasons.

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