NBA establishes protocols for LeBron James’ potential record game

LeBron James needs just 36 points to become the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. The LA Lakers star will have a chance to break the record on Tuesday night when he takes on the Oklahoma City Thunder. The league would not stop the game if there is less than a minute left on the clock and the game is within six points, according to TNT.

“The NBA will NOT stop the game to honor LeBron James’ record field goal if the game is less than a minute and within 6 points OR goes to overtime, per TNT”

While the news may be disappointing for some fans, it makes sense from a competitive standpoint, as there will likely be complaints if the game’s outcome is affected due to a stoppage. Fans looking to see James honored will have to hope he hits the mark with over a minute left in the contest, or the game is out of reach by the time he does.

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