NATO Bulgaria discovers killer drone crashed on its territory – POLITICO

A drone carrying an explosive device was discovered this weekend on Bulgarian territory.

Bulgaria’s Defense Ministry said on Monday it had sent a special unit to destroy the drone, which was found overnight in the northern town of Tyulenovo on the NATO country’s coast. black Sea.

Tyulenovo is about 30 kilometers from Romania’s southern border and hundreds of kilometers from Ukraine’s Danube ports that Russia bombarded with missiles and drones over the summer.

The Bulgarian Defense Ministry said a five-member team from the Varna naval base was sent at the request of the regional governor and defense chief.

According to Bulgarian media, citizens discovered the drone on Sunday evening. Investigators found 82-millimeter high-explosive munitions attached to the remains of the drone.

Bulgarian Deputy Defense Minister Yordan Bozhilov was quoted as saying that it was difficult to determine the origin of the drone and whether it belonged to Russia or Ukraine.

Earlier this month, Romania announced that it had discovered debris from a Russian drone on its territory, near the Ukrainian border. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said the landing of the wreckage of a Russian drone in Romania would constitute “a serious violation of Romania’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”, and the country opened an investigation into the matter. origin of the remains.

As members of NATO, Bulgaria and Romania are protected by Article 5 of the alliance’s military treaties, which states that an attack on one member will be considered an attack on all members.


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