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Native American Heritage Day, November honors Indigenous histories

PHOENIX — The month of November is more than Thanksgiving. It’s also Native American Heritage Month, a time designated to honor and recognize the contributions Indigenous people have made to the United States.

The Friday following Thanksgiving Day of each year is Native American Heritage Day. In 2020, the holiday falls on Nov. 27.

“Our resilience and our strength as the first peoples of this land should be celebrated every day,” said IllumiNative founder Crystal Echo Hawk in a Facebook video dedicated to Native American Heritage Month.

“As Indigenous peoples, we stand in our power every day. We continue to pass down traditions through ceremony, protect the wellness and health of our communities, and fight for clean air and water,” she said.

Native American Heritage Day and Month provide a national platform for Indigenous people to shed light on their communities by leading discussions about culture and tradition, educating the public about tribal communities or celebrating culture by wearing traditional footwear for a week.

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