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MyPillow Guy loses it on Jordan Klepper as ‘Daily Show’ bit flies off the rails

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell grew irritable when “Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper confronted him with his electoral conspiracy theories at his recent “free speech” rally.

“It’s the crime of the century you’re describing and they’ve come to the guy from MyPillow,” Klepper said across the way in disbelief, setting the stage for an increasingly tense exchange between the two.

Lindell reiterated his claim that former President Donald Trump will somehow return to power in August. When Klepper asked what would happen if Trump didn’t return to power, Lindell referred to a series of next steps involving individual states.

“It’s like watching that Bigfoot show,” Klepper said. “They can’t find Bigfoot at the end, but if you log in next week, it might just happen.”

This elicited a laugh from Lindell.

“Good,” he admitted.

“Thank you,” Klepper replied.

“You’re horrible,” Lindell said, then stormed off.

Lindell was briefed on the segment before it even aired, showing her own side of the showdown during a podcast interview this week.

It doesn’t make it more beautiful.

See the full “Daily Show” segment below:


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