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Muscle Shoals Middle School Student Punished For Removing Fire Alarm Flasher In ‘Sneaky Lick’

MUSCLE SHOALS, Alabama – It’s been a worrying year on social media, with each new “challenge” challenging participants to act more and more boldly.

The latest trend, the “Devious Licks Challenge”, makes its participants engage in vandalism and theft. Images of the crime are then posted on TikTok, all for tastes and perspectives.

Crime has been reported in school systems across northern Alabama, including schools in Muscle Shoals City, where a college student stole fire alarm flashers.

Superintendent Chad Holden said the vandalism was no joke and the theft of fire alarm flashers, in an emergency, puts everyone at risk.

“Vandalism is bad enough, but when you start stealing fire alarms it increases the severity a bit,” Holden said.

Holden said the turn signals were recovered and the student who stole them has been identified.

“We are looking into the possibility of reinstalling them?” Will they be operational again? So hopefully we get the answers to that very soon, ”Holden said.

Holden added that it is unfortunate that students choose to engage in these acts, but he hopes that through communication with parents, the “sneaky licks” will come to an end.

“There are criminal implications and we communicated that to our parents on Friday,” Holden said. “We don’t want to involve the police; we don’t want parents to have to pay for the damage their students may cause to school, but we are trying to move forward – communicating with our parents, letting them know this is happening in case they wouldn’t know.

Holden’s message to students is that they have different expectations of themselves and be proud of their schools and facilities.

Holden said the student who stole the turn signals will be penalized under the Muscle Shoals Town School Code of Conduct for acts of vandalism and theft. Violations allow the student to be suspended from school and parents will be responsible for service calls to the alarm company and any equipment that cannot be reinstalled.