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murderous shooting in a Kazan school

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Eleven people were killed on Tuesday in a shooting at a school in Kazan, a large city in central Russia. One of the shooters, a teenager, was arrested and another killed.

A shooting in a school in Kazan on Tuesday May 11 left 11 dead. One of the shooters, a teenager, was arrested and another killed, according to Russian agencies.

It is the most serious shooting since 2018 in a Russian school, where this kind of drama is relatively rare and where gun control is strict. Violent incidents involving students, however, have been on the rise in recent years.

According to the rescue services quoted by the Tass and Ria Novosti agencies, eleven people were killed in this large city in central Russia, including nine students. According to Tass, 32 other people were injured.

“The police arrested a teenager, who is suspected of being at the origin of the shooting,” said another source within the rescue service quoted by Ria Novosti, who adds that 21 brigades of paramedics were dispatched to the scene.

Police assault

According to the leader of the Tatartsan, the Russian Muslim republic of which Kazan is the capital, the arrested suspect is 19 years old. “He had a license to carry a weapon,” Roustam Minnikhanov told public television. According to Interfax, Ria and Tass, a second suspected gunman who barricaded himself in the school was eventually killed in a police assault.

“We heard an explosion in the school building, we see strong smoke”, previously indicated an unidentified witness, quoted by Ria Novosti. “I was in class, I first heard an explosion, then gunshots,” a school teacher confirmed to Tass.

The authorities of Tatarstan for their part announced the strengthening of security measures in other schools in the city. Kazan, a city of over 1.2 million inhabitants, is located about 700 kilometers east of Moscow.

Many precedents

This shooting is reminiscent of that of October 2018, when a high school student killed 19 people before killing himself in a high school in Kerch, a town on the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula that Russia annexed in 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin had killed himself. blamed “globalization” for this slaughter, believing that the phenomenon of school shootings originated in the United States.

In November 2019, a student was killed and three others injured by a comrade who then killed himself in a technical high school in Blagoveshchensk, a small town in the Russian Far East on the Chinese border.

The authorities also claimed to have foiled in recent years dozens of plans to attack schools, cases often involving teenagers. In February 2020, the security services (FSB) arrested two young people, born in 2005 and of Russian nationality, who were active on various websites where they defended murders and suicide. According to investigators, they planned to attack a school in Saratov, on the Volga.

Other shootings have brought mourning to Russia, often at military installations and by conscripts who have suffered peer hazing. In November 2020, three soldiers were killed by a comrade in the Voronezh region. A little over a year earlier, eight people had been killed on a Siberian military base, again by a comrade.

Another resounding case, a lone gunman attacked in December 2019 at the FSB’s headquarters in Moscow. His motive has never been revealed. The man managed to kill two special service agents before being killed.

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