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Murder of Magali Blandin: what roles did the Georgians play?  – Murder of Magali Blandin

What roles did the Georgians play in the murder of Magali Blandin, the mother of a family murdered on February 11, in Montfort-sur-Meu (35)? This is one of the questions that the examining magistrate seized of the investigation will have to clarify. A protagonist seems particularly central in this affair: the first-named Giorgi. The 31-year-old is a long-time “friend” of Jérôme Gaillard, Magali’s husband and alleged perpetrator of the murder. Tuesday, April 6, he asked for his release in front of the investigation chamber. Request that was not granted.

Hosted in the husband’s shed

A few years ago, Giorgi was accommodated for several months by Jérôme Gaillard, husband of Magali and alleged perpetrator of her murder, in one of the four hangars that the father of the family rented. Known to French justice for five convictions for driving without a license, without insurance, under the influence of alcoholic state, the man, born in Tiblissi, in 1990, was imprisoned for burglaries and aggravated theft. But it is in automobile mechanics that this colossus, who became the father of two children, had been working for a few years. For a while, he ran a garage in a town on the borders of Morbihan and Ille-et-Vilaine. After going bankrupt, he continued his activities in Jérôme’s hangar. The two men have become friends. “Inseparable”, according to old friends of Jerome whom the Telegram met. At that time, “Gio”, as he is nicknamed, was all over the place. “There were things declared but not everything was. There could also be stolen cars that were boned and sold in pieces ”, testifies a former friend of Jérôme. “We can indeed talk about traffic and auto parts resale network also coming from theft,” adds a source familiar with the matter. “We even wonder if there is not a mafia side, with a fairly structured organization,” adds a source close to the investigation.

A network, or even a Georgian mafia?

Words that corroborate what Jérôme explained to the gendarmes. After the passage of Giorgi, many Georgians succeeded one another and lived in the white shed. They replaced each other. “A friend took over from the cousin, who himself had replaced the brother of the previous occupant,” adds another source close to the investigation. So much so that Jérôme would have been “a little overwhelmed by what was going on in the hangar”. Seeing that her rent money was coming in, Magali’s husband would have “closed his eyes”.

It is at the end of October 2020, after imprisonment, and thanks to a new “sale of equipment” that Giorgi returns to the life of Jérôme Gaillard. The couple was then separated for two months. At the beginning of September, Magali took her apartment in Montfort-sur-Meu and opened her own bank account. Jérôme, who has hoped that his wife will return, understands that it is over. He sinks into a “deep depression”, into an “obsession with the lack of Magali”. “Magali is the central pillar of Jérôme’s life,” repeats Jean-Guillaume Le Mintier, Jérôme’s lawyer. When she leaves, her building collapses ”.

20,000 euros for the first aborted criminal project

This is when Jérôme confides in his friend, Gio. In November, the two men put together a first criminal project. To suppress Magali, Giorgi asks Jerome for 20,000 euros. The contract will be executed by a Georgian, who will return to the country as soon as the dirty work is completed. Jérôme Gaillard and Giorgi reject the responsibility for this idea. Did Giorgi really intend to make the mother disappear in exchange for only 20,000 euros? Or did he take advantage of Jerome’s weakness to extract money from him without the will to carry out the project? That is what the investigation will have to determine.

In December, Jérôme, who has just received 50,000 euros from his parents for his “divorce”, pays 8,000 euros to the thirty-something. In January, Jérôme retracts but, under pressure from Gio, he still pays 6,000 euros twice into an account in Romania. Giorgi does not give him any more news for a fortnight. Until reappearing the day before the murder and triggering the relay antenna closest to Magali’s apartment in Montfort-sur-Meu. “We have the impression that over time, the relationship evolves. When Gio returns to Jerome’s life, he becomes a confidant. But, little by little, Giorgi will understand that he can take advantage of the situation to make money. When Jérôme realizes that Gio is a big mouth, he decides to take action himself. “

A few days later, when Jérôme Gaillard found refuge with his parents in Saint-Méen-le-Grand (35), Giorgi sends him a threatening letter with a USB key which contains three recordings in which Jerome evokes his disastrous plan. Giorgi demands 15,000 euros more from him in exchange for his silence. Otherwise, he “balances” the recordings with the gendarmes and Magali’s family.

The wood closest to home

On March 4, Jérôme Gaillard informed the examining magistrate about this blackmail. Giorgi, his companion – who wrote two threatening letters – and one of his friends, suspected of having orchestrated the extortion attempt, were arrested by the GIGN in Maurepas on Sunday March 14. Two days later, the current tenant of Jérôme’s hangar is also arrested. He is suspected of having destroyed the Opel Astra that Jérôme has just bought from him and which would have been used to transport Magali’s body. From the terrace of the family house, you can see perfectly the small wood where Jérôme would have buried Magali. 1 km as the crow flies, at the foot of a large oak tree.

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