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Murder in the ponds of Apigné: the body presented a hundred lesions – Rennes

As expected, the Rennes public prosecutor’s office on Tuesday opened a judicial inquiry to an investigating judge in the case of lifeless body found last Friday in the ponds of Apigné. And it is the qualification of murder which was retained, specifies the public prosecutor Philippe Astruc. Referring to a “complexity of the investigations to be carried out” and a “particularly violent act”, the latter indicates that the investigation will continue in order to identify “the perpetrator or perpetrators. “

White weapon

On September 10, the body of a man was discovered floating in the ponds of Apigné. He was weighted with a concrete block and presented numerous lesions. “The forensic autopsy revealed that the victim presented around a hundred injuries that could have been caused by a stabbing weapon, some of which were fatal”, specifies the prosecutor.

According to the results of DNA tests, the victim is a man of Turkish origin, 29 years old and residing in the North. His disappearance was reported in Angers on September 6 by members of his family. His vehicle was discovered abandoned near the site of the body’s discovery.