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In France since 2015, but doomed to expulsion soon, the alleged assassin on Friday of an asylum center manager in Pau “Harbored reproaches” towards the structure, and wanted to avoid returning to Sudan at war, according to the prosecution, which ruled out “any terrorist intention”. The 38-year-old Sudanese’s police custody was extended by 24 hours on Saturday, and he will be referred Sunday for murder and pre-trial detention, the prosecutor announced at a press conference on Saturday. scored by Pau Cécile Gensac.

The attacker was “neither reported nor recorded in the context of violent radicalization, and the elements collected make it possible to rule out any terrorist intention,” said Ms. Gensac, confirming first information Friday from a police source. The man was the subject of a first psychiatric examination, which “did not reveal any pathology”. But he admitted the facts, and explained to investigators that he “harbored reproaches” with regard to the reception structure in Pau, which had followed him a few years ago. He considered “that his situation has not been properly dealt with”.

The perpetrator was in the process of deportation

More precisely, he had come to the Isard-Cos center in Pau on Friday “to obtain the structure, and therefore the victim, a paper for the attention of Ofpra (French Office for the protection of refugees and stateless persons) in order to allow its maintenance on the national territory ”. Saying “escheat”, he spoke of “the fear of having had to return to Sudan because of local wars” which motivated his arrival in Europe, added the prosecutor.

Because the man was being expelled. Arrived in France in 2015, he had seen his asylum request refused by Ofpra. But, recalled Ms. Gensac, “he benefited from international subsidiary protection by decision of the National Court of Asylum”, administrative justice. This protection can be granted to a person whose situation does not correspond to the status of refugee, but for whom there are serious and proven reasons to believe that he would run in his country a real risk of serious attacks, according to the site. of Ofpra.

Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, went to Pau on Friday, where he found François Bayrou, mayor of the city. (AFP)

Following convictions for violence, one with a resident of the asylum center, the other in detention, the Sudanese stayed in prison from January 2017 to August 2018. And the temporary residence permit “from which he benefited legally released from prison in view of his international protection status earned him a title until November 9, 2020, ”said Ms. Gensac. After which, on two occasions he was summoned by Ofpra for “the removal of his protective status following criminal convictions”, detailed the prosecutor. He did not attend these summons, the last in December.

The victim, a father of two

Instead, he returned on Friday around 10:30 a.m., his third visit this week, he said, in the administrative premises of Cada (Reception center for asylum seekers), a priori already armed. The head of the asylum service invited him out, at least “for health reasons”, but the man followed him into his office. Very quickly, employees of the center heard screams, alerted the police, and discovered their colleague lying on the ground. They overpowered the attacker “at the level of the arms”, with “a lot of courage”, insisted Ms. Gensac, and kept him in an office until the police called him out, without resistance.

The 46-year-old victim, a father of two, died of his injuries about an hour later. Head of the Cada asylum center for six years, “experienced social worker” according to its director Elias Philippe, he “knew how to manage delicate and difficult situations”.

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