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Murder charges dropped against Simone Biles’ brother

Murder Charges Against Simone Bilès‘brother were made redundant.

According to court documents obtained by E! News, a judge acquitted Tevin Biles-Thomas of murder, manslaughter and additional charges at a hearing in Cuyahoga County, Ohio on Tuesday, June 15.

“We have nothing but gratitude to the court for their attention to detail and correct decision making in the face of absolute tragedy,” Tevin’s lawyer said. Joseph Patitue shared with E! New. “Tevin Biles-Thomas, his innocence was acquitted yesterday in court after being tried twice for this offense. We have shown that there is absolutely no evidence that he committed a crime let alone he acted inappropriately. “

A trial took place last month and ended with an annulment of the trial, prompting the defense to file a motion for an acquittal.

According to CNN, a person in the gallery accused Tevin following the judge’s latest ruling. The individual was eventually arrested by sheriff’s deputies.

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