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Mueller’s fraud investigator stepped in to help Vance’s investigation into Trump Org.

Morgan Magionos, who played a key role in the prosecution of former President Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort, is a member of FTI Consulting’s team of outside experts assisting prosecutors in New York.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance hired FTI Consulting last year as part of his office’s broad investigation into possible insurance fraud, fraud involving lenders and tax evasion.

Prosecutors often retain accounting, money laundering and tax experts for complex financial investigations. Vance’s office also recruited Mark Pomerantz, a well-respected lawyer with extensive experience in complex white-collar investigations.

Representatives of the district attorney declined to comment. A spokesperson for FTI and Magionos did not respond to requests for comment.

Trump called the district attorney’s investigation a “witch hunt.” The Trump Organization beefed up its legal team this week by bringing in criminal defense attorney Ronald Fischetti, who decades earlier was Pomerantz’s legal partner. Fischetti’s hiring was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Magionos, a Chartered Fraud Examiner and Accountant, spent nine years with the FBI where she worked on its international anti-corruption team in Washington, DC. She was in charge of the Mueller investigation and traced Manafort’s assets in four countries. Manafort has been charged with multiple counts of bank fraud, failure to report foreign bank accounts and filing false income tax returns, among other crimes.

During Manafort’s trial, Magionos said she discovered several foreign bank accounts linked to Manafort and traced $ 15 million in transfers that Manafort was using to fund his personal lifestyle, including an ostrich skin jacket and landscaping services for his home in the Hamptons. Manafort was convicted of eight counts and subsequently pleaded guilty to other counts. Trump pardoned Manafort earlier this year.

Before joining the FBI, Magionos was a senior auditor at Deloitte. She graduated from the Manhattan School of Music with a music degree in cello performance. Magionos left the FBI in 2019 for FTI.

Manhattan prosecutors are reviewing millions of pages of documents, including Trump’s tax returns, which they obtained in February after the United States Supreme Court blocked Trump’s attempt to stop a subpoena to his long-standing accounting firm.

Prosecutors are investigating whether the Trump organization misled lenders and insurance companies about property values ​​and paid the appropriate taxes. The investigation encompasses Trump Tower, the family estate known as Seven Springs, its hotel and condo tower in Chicago, as well as the silent cash payments made to silence Stormy Daniels, the adult movie star who alleges an affair with Trump. Trump has denied the case.

Fischetti is joining the Trump team where he will work closely with Alan Futerfas, who has represented the Trump organization since the Special Council investigation.

“I have worked with Ron Fischetti for decades in large and complex cases and he is quite simply one of the best lawyers in the business – period. We’re lucky to have it, ”Futerfas told CNN. Futerfas declined to comment on Magionos.

Futerfas and Fischetti, in the 1990s, represented two people indicted in an alleged Mafia-linked garbage cart case. Several defendants were indicted in the case, but only their two were tried, which lasted nine months. Prosecutors had tapes of the defendants, who were convicted.

Fischetti, who worked with Pomerantz for about eight years where they tried at least one case together, said of his former legal partner: “He’s a professional and excellent lawyer.”

“There’s a lot of work to be done here. I’m really happy to be on board,” Fischetti told CNN.

“It’s going to heat up. They didn’t bring me in just to make subpoenas,” he said.


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