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MSP dog killed in collision with suspicious vehicle |  New

A police dog has died after sustaining injuries in a collision with a suspicious vehicle.

At 1:05 a.m. on Sunday, an MSP dog unit closed the southbound lane of the M-10 at Linwood due to flooding. The patrol car was positioned on all lanes of the highway to stop traffic. The highway had been closed for several hours.

The unit activated the emergency tone and the soldier indicated he had been hit and the suspect’s vehicle was on fire according to MSP. Detroit firefighters arrived at the scene and treated the passengers in the suspect vehicle.

The occupants of the vehicle were transported to a local hospital. At the time of the collision, the suspect vehicle was traveling at freeway speed. The soldier sustained non-life threatening injuries to his legs.

MSP Canine Rex was taken to Blue Pearl Animal Hospital in Southfield with serious spinal and leg injuries, and later died of his injuries.

The driver of the vehicle would be under the influence of alcohol and would have serious injuries according to MSP. A female passenger who was in the front seat of the car was seriously injured.

Soldiers and the MSP Crash Reconstruction Team are investigating the collision and will perform a blood test for alcohol.

Rex was a member of the Metro South Post and was known for his determination to search for suspects.


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