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Moving Places: “We must provoke an encounter with nature” – Brittany

Where does this attraction for nature come from?

I have been very fortunate to go to a forest which is right next to my home, about twenty kilometers away, since I was very little. I went there regularly by bike when one day, while derailing, I found myself at the foot of a tree, a great perfect oak, as comfortable as a sofa, facing south and which made me invisible to the eyes of passers-by. I decided to call him Quercus, after his species. At his side, I carried out my first naturalistic observations and I felt I found root.

Until you make it your job …

I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than these types of jobs. After two years of studies in nature management and protection, I joined the National Forestry Office (ONF) at the end of the 2000s, where I still work today. I had to give back to nature what she had given me.

Do you think you have paid off your “debt” to nature?

I was one of the handful of people who campaigned to put biodiversity at the heart of the NFB’s objectives. In 2004, a first team of 15 people dedicated to the observation of mammals was formed. Today, 230 people, among forest managers, devote part of their time to the observation of birds, insects… As an operations pilot to list species, I have the impression of return to nature on a daily basis.

What do you say to those who do not feel connected to it?

You have to provoke this meeting, whatever your age. Through play, sharing, wonder… everyone should find pleasure in it. With my daughter, for example, it is through drawing that we share this encounter. For friends, it’s about dancing. It is a way of becoming an actor in what surrounds us, in the face of climate issues but also in the context of the health crisis.

Why participate in the Lieux Mouvants festival?

Speaking of Quercus, the tree at the heart of my book, I hope to be able to give the keys to bring about this meeting, if only to one person. Because in turn, this person will give the keys to another. And then at the end of the festival, I will take the opportunity to join my daughter and rest in the south of Brittany.


Movable Places Festival, from July 3 to August 29. 6 € the day. Meeting with Laurent Tillon Sunday August 1 at 2:30 p.m. in Saint-Servais (22).

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