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Move over ACLU and other commentary

From left: Move over, ACLU

“After years of planning, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, better known as FIRE, on Monday announced a major expansion, reaching ‘beyond college campuses to protect free speech – for all Americans,” TK News’ Matt Taibbi gloated. “The group has already raised more than $28 million for a “$75 million litigation, opinion research and public education campaign aimed at strengthening and to consolidate support for the values ​​of freedom of expression”. role half vacated by the American Civil Liberties Union. As FIRE spokesperson Nico Perrino told Taibbi, “For the ACLU, free speech is one of 12 or 15 different values,” but “free speech should be at the core Our ability to express our political beliefs, period, is what makes debate and discussion about all these other issues possible.

Culture critique: Awakening is a “managerial” power

If “The Managerial Revolution” author James Burnham “were alive today,” Malcolm Kyeyune told the City Journal, “he might see awakening as . . . a systematized managerial ideology” that “affirms a great variety of rights that replace property and insists on the creation of a permanent caste of managers to oversee the implementation of these rights.” “Why has America become wiser than its European counterparts?” Blame “l ‘material insecurity of the American managerial classes’ which have ‘become too large to be absorbed by society in a way commensurate with their lofty economic expectations’. Hence their adherence to ‘a global, flexible and ruthless ideology which can justify almost any act of institutional subversion and overcoming.” “You don’t have to be a revolutionary to ask” of that, “How long can this really last?”

Comedian: the war of progressives against humor

No one should be suspended from their job for retweeting “a trivial throwaway joke,” comedian Cam Harless fumed at The Spectator. But that’s exactly what happened to “Washington Post blue-check” Dave Weigel for sharing Harless’ crack: “All the girls are bi. You just have to figure out if it’s polar or sexual. Harless notes, ” it’s weird to see someone else apologizing for a tweet you wrote,” but Weigel was slammed by fellow WaPo reporter Felicia Sonmez. “This kind of outburst only happens because that the culture is dying.” The Awakened are “deadly serious about all things. So much so that a man can face professional repercussions and even potentially lose his job by laughing at a joke. other man.

Conservative: DeSantis muddied corporate debate

“Corporate welfare, not woke tweets, is the problem with taxpayer-funded stadiums,” Tom Joyce told the Washington Examiner. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “vetoed a proposal” to “give the Tampa Bay Rays $35 million in state funding” to help build a new spring training camp. Yay! “Economists generally agree that taxpayer-funded stadiums are not effective in generating economic growth for communities.” But “DeSantis’ framing could have been better; he didn’t need to bring the Rays’ gun control virtue tweets into the debate. The “real problem is that this organization wants to take millions of dollars from Florida workers – not tweets.”

From right: Biden’s shameful tummy aches

“Stop whining, Mr. President!” reprimands National Review’s Jim Geraghty after reports of President Biden’s growing frustration with his difficult political situation. “You asked for this job”, Joe. “You assured us” that you could handle it. It’s a “you’ve been trying to get since 1987”. So “stop complaining about the difficulty” that is. Biden bristles at aides stifling his outspoken personality and keeping him out of the infant formula crisis. “Mr. President, if you think you are undermined”, fire these employees. The prez tells reporters that he is not supposed to answer questions. “Is this a small child who is not supposed to talk to the foreigners?” Why are Republicans saying Biden is not in charge of his own administration? Because “Biden keeps saying it.

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