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Moussa Diagne: “I was inside a tunnel and I couldn’t see the light”

The Senegalese center of MoraBanc Andorra, Moussa Diagne (i) in a file image. EFE / Fernando Galindo

Andorra La Vella, Nov 26 (EFE) .- Moussa Diagne (Guédiawaye, Senegal, 1994), center of MoraBanc Andorra, accumulated two years without playing. He linked injury to injury. Two stress fractures, one in the tibia and the other in the fibula, and then the problem due to the herniated disc that forced him to undergo surgery. The Senegalese talks about how it happened and also about a thought that flew through his head: withdrawal. Now he is focused on recovering his best version.
Question (Q): After two years of inactivity. How are you?
Response (R): “I am in good health that this is the most important thing and more after two years without playing. I have returned to playing at a very demanding and hard level. For me, not having pain is very positive. All this It makes me feel happy and very happy. “
Q: And how are you feeling on the court?
A: “Like almost all players who have just come out of an injury. You want to do more and return as soon as possible to the level you had before, but it is not the same. I have been without doing my job for two years. day it shows … Imagine more time. I just have to continue working and I’ll end up coming back. I need patience and I’m sure I’ll be back. “
Q: In the Endesa League 12 minutes on average, 3.1 points, 3.2 rebounds and a PIR of 4.1. In the Euro 13 minutes, 3.6 points, 2.2 rebounds and a PIR of 3.4. Do you think you are here to play more minutes or do you still see that you are not there to play as much as you would like?
A: “The coach decides it. Each player wants to play more, but the minutes I have I try to make the most of them and make the most of them to help the team. If more come, it’s a plus, if not … that’s what there is. I don’t have any discomfort ha and of course I want to play more like all the players. Of course, the coach has to be respected. “
Q: When will the best version of Moussa Diagne be seen again?
A: “Mentally I do not want to wear myself out thinking that it is now and then. Everyone wants to see my best version and I do too, but this is not mathematical. For me it is today [sonríe]. In time it will come. “
Q: How did you feel after two years full of complications in the form of injuries? What went through your head?
A: “Like all players who have gone through injuries or these difficult times, one thing always comes to mind first: the end of my career has come. And this thought did come to my head. When you see players who have also had serious injuries and come back, you wake up. I raised my head and decided to keep working. “
Q: I was only 25 at the time to think about retirement …
A: “Very young, yes. I was inside a tunnel and I didn’t see the light. What I felt, only I felt. It was a very complicated moment. Physically I was fine, but I couldn’t lift my leg. You can be young, But if a part of your body doesn’t work, it’s hard to sleep and a lot of things go through your head. “
Q: Did you have a very bad time emotionally?
A: “Yes. The truth is that I have had a very bad time. And not only me, but also my family and also my friends. Besides, I have not seen my mother for three years. Injuries and covid have joined. All this influences. The team and the club have also given me a lot of support. This makes me react and wake up. “
Q: Has anyone in particular helped you throughout this two-year process?
A: “I can’t just say one person. Wonderful people surround me. I have received many messages of support. Everyone, like the people at the club, my partner, an uncle of mine, my family, all of them and many more have always tried to get one out of me. smile. A friend of mine from Madrid, Tamara, also gave me a motivational book during the pandemic and she also helped me “.
Q: How did you manage it?
A: “It’s difficult to manage. With a very good philosophy. You know it’s part of sport and your job. Take it easy and now I’m fine. Of course, I want to go back to being the one I was before.”
Q: Confidence towards you from the club has been blind and also from the fans. How does it make you feel?
A: “When things like this happen, the first thing that helps you is how the club reacts and where you are living. It made me feel very comfortable and that guarantees a good recovery because you have to be very well mentally. They made me feel very special . They don’t owe me anything. They renewed me when I was injured, but I have also shown it on the court. First of all we are people and then professional basketball players. There have been very good details. “
Q: How is a person like you, from Senegal and with the family there living through the pandemic?
A: “Very hard. We have been locked up. The resources we have here are not available in my country. Unfortunately, it is much easier to lose my life there. I have not seen my mother for three years and since the pandemic I look at my cell phone thinking to receive a negative message. Thanks to technology I can see them for a while. I repeat, it is very hard. I try to help them as much as I can. I hope to be with them again soon. “
Q: Yannick Nzosa, center for Unicaja Málaga, saw his mother after a year and a half. Did you see it? What did you think?
A: “They had a beautiful detail with him. I saw it. As I said before, we are athletes, but we are also people. Your mother is the one who brought you to life and of course, you always want to hug him and you may cry later after not seeing her for so long. It was a very happy and exciting meeting in Nzosa. I thought about it a lot. “
Q: From working in a shoe factory to giving your sneakers to the youngest fans of MoraBanc. The twists and turns of life…
A: [Sonríe]. It is true that life takes many turns. I worked in a factory making shoes, but now at home I can’t make these sneakers [se señala los dos pies]. If I could do them, each child would have one each game. I like to be close and I would like to give them more things, but not everything can be accomplished … “
Q: Let’s talk about the current situation of the team … This start of the season is costing them.
A: “Now I see the team well. It cost us a lot at the beginning. We did not do the preseason all together and it is difficult to fit all the pieces. For example, I had not played for two years, many new players, and it all shows. We lost We do not compete in games, but now we need one more point and polish some details a bit. We are filming and we are on the way. The FIBA ​​Windows will be good for us “.
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