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Motorcycle packs flood downtown Chicago, thousands of noise complaints recorded

CHICAGO (WLS) – Motorcycle packs, with tens or even hundreds of strong racers, have become an increasingly common sight and sound in Chicago.

For many residents, this is not a good thing.

Ksenija Glusac said the biker roar kept her awake at night, even though she lives on the 57th floor of a South Loop skyscraper.

“Sometimes they come at midnight or 1 or even 2 am,” she said.

Residents of the South Loop on the North Side say larger groups of motorcycles gather late at night, usually on weekends, and roam their neighborhoods with modified exhaust systems that make them very loud. Some residents also reported reckless driving on sidewalks and collisions or near misses with pedestrians and other vehicles.

“Last night was really noisy,” said Luke Hanley, a South Loop resident. “I was kidding, it sounded like one of those WWII movies with the dive bombers.”

Second Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins said the city received around 4,000 911 motorcycle complaint calls last year.

The city set up a task force that seized around 250 motorcycles due to repeated violations. But so far this year, based on the number of complaints, Hopkins said the problem appears to have worsened.

“We know it’s a quality of life issue,” he said. “It wakes people up at night and threatens pedestrians and drivers. It’s a serious problem.”

Ald. Hopkins is co-sponsoring an order that would strengthen the enforcement so that any motorcycle with a modified exhaust could face a fine of up to $ 5,000.

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