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Mother wants her son’s killer caught as she prepares to march against violence

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – A mom can’t sleep at night knowing her son’s killer is out of custody.

Tyler Holt, 18, was shot and killed at the Wyndham Club in Donelson in November. It was hard on her mother, Latarsha Holt.

“I relive that day every day. When I wake up I still get the same conversation from my 16 year old waking up, ‘mum, mum get up they call saying Tyler is dead'”, said Holt said.

Holt said some witnesses were not cooperating, so no arrests were made.

“That’s the part that tires us all. Yes he’s gone, we can’t bring him back, but if someone is arrested we can at least start the healing process,” Holt said.

Tyler was a football star at Stratford High School and he had a full scholarship to play in the state of North Dakota. Holt said his son was intellectually disabled, but he didn’t let that stop him as his goal was to play in the NFL.

On Saturday, the eve of Mother’s Day, there will be a march against gun violence in which Latarsha Holt will participate. “I would like the whole community to step in as one and try to redirect all of our kids,” Holt said. “They are all lost. These children resort to violence, and it is their first option, not compassion for life.”

The walk begins at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Napier Community Center. It is hosted by Partners in the Struggle. They encourage participants to bring a photo and poster of their murdered loved ones.

Holt said she wouldn’t be able to rest easily until Tyler’s killer was behind bars. “They tell me that they have leads, that they have evidence, but not enough to make an arrest,” she said.

Tyler Holt’s legacy lives on through a scholarship fund in his church. Several of his teammates received the scholarship on Sunday.


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