Most Popular Casinos In Canada

The Canadian gambling industry is a thriving one in the country, with its residents enjoying all the activities surrounding it. Players from the country can enjoy a variety of games from sports betting and horse racing to slots, table games and lottery. With over $15 billion being revenue generated by the industry, casino gaming takes a huge part in it. While online gambling has become popular in recent years, it is still not possible to compare them to the luxurious and stylish traditional casinos where gamblers can enjoy the full casino experience. Well, at least not yet.

Canada is a country where, according to, the gambling industry is prospering more than other countries across the globe. But this is because the Canucks (Canadians) have a deep history with gambling even before it became luxurious today. Canada has several land-based casinos spread throughout the country and they are all stylishly built with hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment facilities to keep the fun going for their guests. If you’re travelling to Canada sometime later, you should consider checking out one of the most popular casinos in the North American country.


Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino, Ontario

This is one of the most popular and largest luxurious casinos in the country, and with it sitting on the border close to the United States, the casinos usually welcome a large stream of guests from the country. Attached to it is a hotel where guests can check in when they feel tired. It also manages a fancy restaurant and a gym. And just a casino should, it has several numbers of slot games available on its gaming floor, as well as a poker room, gaming tables and also a section for live sports, where its guests can place bets on their favourite sports. 


Casino Niagara, Niagara Falls

Casino Niagara is one of the most attractive casinos in Canada as it is located on the shored of Niagara Falls, a spot that has lured people from around the globe to the country. Casino Niagara is not only known for its scenic view, but also its gaming floors which house around 1,300 slot machines, 30 gaming tables, a poker room and live entertainment. Casino Niagara also has a separate section designed for sports lovers and they can place their wagers there. It manages four restaurants where in-house comedy is usually being hosted to entertain its guests.


Casino de Montreal, Quebec

Casino de Montreal is the largest luxurious casino in Canada, being the third-largest in the world rankings. Located in Quebec, it spans over 520,000 sq ft., where its gaming floors house 3,000 slot machines and 100 gaming tables. It has a poker room that hosts 18 poker tables, and if you’re not interested in gambling or have had enough for one day, you can watch the championships and tournaments which are usually hosted in the casino. Like Casino Niagara, Casino de Montreal also manages four restaurants which have different cuisines to enjoy.


Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls

While this casino falls short a bit of the amazing gambling experience gamblers love, Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort has several entertainments that will leave your pockets running dry. The casino section of this resort is attached to a hotel that manages several boutiques, restaurants a fitness centre, a spa, and even a built-in theatre. For the casino part, it has over 300 slot games and 100 gaming tables. The reason for its popularity is the attractive view of the Niagara Falls it offers to its guests as well as its hosts of boutiques. 

Hard Rock Casino, Vancouver, B.C.

Hard Rock is one of the oldest casinos in Canada. Having been previously established as the Boulevard Casino in the 20th century, Hard Rock Casino now spans 80,000 sq ft. and is filled with slot machines, gaming tables and a poker room. It is located in an area that will be loved by people who love privacy. It also manages several restaurants that have several cuisines.

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