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mortar fire against the police and arson in several neighborhoods – RT in French

Amiens had a rough night in several of its sensitive neighborhoods where the police were attacked and firefighters had to intervene to put out arson.

During the night of September 25 to 26, several districts of Amiens (Somme) were the scene of violence targeting the police who had to call for reinforcements.

“Following some fires and mortar fire on our services, several BAC reinforcements immediately intervened in Amiens North”, the department’s police testified on Twitter, reporting an arrest.

Videos testifying to the violence were also shared on social networks.

Noises of firecrackers and insults can for example be perceptible in this amateur video which would have been filmed in the district of Etouvie, north-west of Amiens.

At the beginning of the evening, the fall of a woman, aged 49, from the sixth floor of a building in the district had required the intervention of the emergency services under high protection of the police. “National police crews had to deploy, with the reinforcement of the anti-crime brigade to secure the aid. A gathering of around forty people has indeed created great tensions. Explosions of firecrackers and fireworks from mortars also resounded in the neighborhood where two-wheelers multiplied the sprints in front of the police, ”for example reported The Courrier Picard.

“This is the second consecutive weekend where such overflows take place”, for its part reported the local branch of France 3, which also explains that the tensions have caused one injured among the police, “a grenade [s’étant] triggered in his hand when he was going to use it in response to mortar fire ”.

The firefighters intervened all night long for several trash fires in the middle of the road, north of Amiens but also in the south-east of the city, near the Salamandre park, for its part explained France Bleu Amiens. .

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