Mortal Kombat 1 Players Travel Back in Time to Get Free Skins

To avoid what many consider aggressive monetization, Mortal Kombat 1 Players are doing everything they can to avoid purchasing cosmetics in NetherRealms’ latest 2D fighter. The latest exploit involves them using a console date change hack to acquire once-free character skins that are now only available if you purchase them.

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After launching on September 19 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation and Xbox, Mortal Kombat 1The game’s story was almost immediately criticized due to its price. The Premium Item Shop allows players to purchase all sorts of things: cosmetics, fatalities, in-game currency, and more. But people hate expensive microtransactions, especially seasonal ones like the horrible final move of Thanksgiving which costs $10. NetherRealm tried to stifle the criticism in good will, offer two deaths as part of a three pack, but people are still bothered by the upfront cost of items. In fact, they’re so bothered that they’ve started gaming the system to buy skins much cheaper than them.

Mortal Kombat 1 does not have battle passes, but operates on a seasonal model during which you can unlock skins for free through gameplay. However, once the season ends, these unlockable skins are no longer available, and recently many of them have been added to the in-game store. If you haven’t played during MK1In the final season, you will now have to use Krystals, the in-game currency that you can earn (slowly) or purchase with IRL money to get the once-free cosmetics. But thanks to an exploit, players are unlocking these seasonal skins for free again.

Twitter user iScreamFGC posted a video on November 20 showing the easily reproducible Mortal Kombat 1 exploit. If you change your console date before November 6 (a few days before the update that added the Omni-Man exploded), reload your game, finish everything the challenges of Pyramid Mesa then change the date to the present day, you keep all the items won from this season.

Redditor AdmirableEstimate258 confirmed in the game subreddit that they said the exploit also worked on Nintendo Switch. Another Reddit user, ShadowMajick, also confirmed that the exploit makes the entire section of the season of ghosts (which ended on November 9) available even after resetting their console to the present day.

One Reddit user said they were “really shocked“The exploit works at all, although one tweeter thought it was just a”funny” thing you could do. Most people, however, believe that NetherRealm Studios will eventually fix the date change hack and potentially even ban accounts for violations. Mortal Kombat 1terms of service.

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Despite good reviews, fans dragged on Mortal Kombat 1 non-stop since launch. The combat is good and crisp, exactly what we expect from NetherRealm Studios. However, because the game already costs $70, many people online can’t stand his insistence on offering such expensive microtransactions. Maybe after receiving enough criticism, the studio will remove them altogether.

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