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Morocco denies any involvement and wants to initiate legal proceedings – RT en français

Morocco denies any link with Pegasus and wants to launch legal proceedings against those who accuse one of its security services of having spied on journalists, activists and politicians, including Emmanuel Macron.

The Moroccan government indicated on July 21 that it wanted to initiate legal proceedings against anyone who accuses Rabat of having used the Pegasus software, used on a large scale to spy on journalists, activists or political figures, denouncing a “false, massive and malicious media campaign” .

Rejecting again “categorically these false and unfounded allegations”, the Moroccan government indicates in a press release “to opt for a judicial process, in Morocco and internationally against any party taking up these fallacious allegations”.

On July 19, the Moroccan government had already denounced as “false” the information according to which the services of the kingdom “infiltrated the telephones of several national and foreign public figures and officials of international organizations through computer software”.

As a reminder, according to recent information from the World, one of the regular numbers of the French head of state appears in a list of potential targets to be hacked that would have drawn up a Moroccan state security service, user of the Israeli spyware Pegasus.

An international investigation

The investigation published on July 18 by a consortium of 17 international media is based on a list obtained by the France-based network Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International, which they claim has 50,000 phone numbers selected since 2016 for potential surveillance by customers of the Israeli company NSO, which markets Pegasus.

The list includes the numbers of at least 180 journalists, 600 politicians, 85 human rights activists or 65 business leaders, according to the analysis of the consortium – including the French dailies. The world, british The Guardian and american The Washington Post – which has located many in Morocco, Saudi Arabia or Mexico.

According to the investigation unit of Radio France, partner of the consortium which revealed the scandal, the King of Morocco Mohammed VI and his entourage “are on the list of potential targets” of the Pegasus software.

“We were indeed able to establish that one of the telephone numbers which appear in the listing of the Moroccan intelligence services is indeed that of Mohammed VI. And all those around him suffered the same fate, ”she said in her investigation.

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