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Morgan Miller on “hardest part” of coming to terms with her daughter’s fatal drowning

Social media influencer Morgan miller shared an important message on the occasion of her daughter’s third birthday Emelinedrowning in 2018 in a neighbor’s swimming pool.

Morgan, married to an Olympic skier Bode Miller, shared a series of photos on Instagram of three of their children—Easton, 2 and twins Asher and Aksel, 18 months old — in the pool, with a long caption about the importance of water safety.

“Today is the day we lost Emmy. 3 years ago today she drowned. 3 years ago tomorrow she died. In a way, it’s like yesterday and in others there is a life. However, the feeling of loss is exactly the same, “Morgan wrote. “3 years later I am now face to face with what took my daughter’s life and watching my boys learn to survive. The twins are only 3 days younger than Emmy that day and s ‘they had to fall, they would have the skills to survive. And the hardest part for me is what it all boils down to is knowledge. If I had known then, what I know now my daughter would still be alive.

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