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Morgan Freeman embarks on anti-coronavirus vaccines

Morgan Freeman delivered a damning criticism of anti-vaccine campaigners on Tuesday and urged people to “get vaccinated against the coronavirus.”

“The only wish I have is that the people who refuse to take these pictures of dadgum would change their mind and realize this is one of those things we really need to do,” the star said. featured in Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.”

“I don’t understand, frankly, anyone who has problems with the idea of ​​getting vaccinated against this scourge, you know?” the actor continued. “The facts are known. We know that all of these dead are dead and why they died.”

“But if you don’t, it’s really up to you,” Freeman added. “Except now I have to avoid you. And I will, of course.

Freeman earlier this week became the latest celebrity to appear in a public service announcement encouraging adoption of the COVID-19 shot.

“I’m not a doctor, but I trust science. And I’m told that for some reason people trust me. So I’m here to say that I trust the science and got the vaccine, ”Freeman said on the spot, published by nonprofit arts advocacy group The Creative Coalition.

“If you trust me you will get the vaccine,” he added, urging people to “help make our world a safe place so that we can have fun again. Please.”

Watch Freeman’s PSA here:

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