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Morgan Freeman and University of Mississippi professor donate $ 1 million to college policing program
The new Center for Evidence-Based Policing and Reform at the University of Mississippi seeks to “build relationships and share data with law enforcement agencies, as well as use the data to improve student preparedness for criminal justice,” according to a press release from Tuesday. school. It will be “the only one of its kind at a Mississippi university and one of the few in the country.”
While born in Memphis, Tennessee, Freeman grew up in several cities in Mississippi, according to CNN affiliate WLOX-TV.

“It’s time to train the police and ensure that ‘law enforcement’ is not defined as just a gun and a stick,” Freeman said in the press release. “Police should relate to that phrase ‘Serve’ that is found on most law enforcement vehicles.”

The centre’s role, the statement said, will be to provide training to police and other law enforcement agencies across Mississippi. It will also use “evidence-based practices that allow officers to be more proactive.” And, the center seeks to improve the way officers interact with community members’ perception, trust and confidence in the police, the statement said.

“The goal should be to give officers as many tools as possible to do their jobs more efficiently,” said Keena, associate professor of criminal justice. “Our faculty will address critical issues intrinsically linked to the current and historical landscape of policing, such as race, class, prejudice and lack of compassion.”

The center is awaiting approval by state higher education institutions.

The donation will be divided into two sources of funding, with $ 500,000 for start-up costs. The other half will be placed in an endowment for “long-term sustainability,” the statement said.


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