More details emerge about Apple’s plans for AI in iOS 18

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made it clear that AI features will be available soon, and a new report from AppleInsider offers more details on what we might see in the next version of iOS. One of the main focuses will be Siri, who would have the ability to analyze and summarize texts in the Messages app.

AppleInsider previously said that a similar “Smart Search” feature would come to Safari in iOS 18, allowing users to summarize web pages. Apple’s Large Language Model (LLM), called Ajax, will power these features. Several articles published by Apple suggest that the company is working to bring on-device AI processing to the iPhone, and AppleInsiderThe report aligns more with this.

The report states that Ajax uses on-device processing to generate simple responses, but may need to contact a server to retrieve responses to more complex requests. This may be where Google or OpenAI will come into play, as Apple is reportedly exploring deals with both companies to help bring AI to the iPhone.

Apple’s AI features are also expected to emphasize privacy. AppleInsider reports that Apple will display privacy warnings before Ajax uses information from Safari or Messages. During Apple’s earnings conference call Thursday, Cook said Apple remains “very optimistic” about AI and that the company will have some “exciting things” to share soon. He also noted that Apple has “advantages” that will help the company’s AI features stand out, including an “unwavering focus on privacy.”

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