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Montebourg on the verge of throwing in the towel for financial reasons – RT en français

Former Minister of the Economy Arnaud Montebourg announced that in “the current state”, he could not stand in 2022 due to a lack of financial resources to campaign. However, he wants to play a role for the presidential election.

Tipped to be serious outsider in the presidential race of 2022, Arnaud Montebourg certainly showered certain hopes on June 9. During an interview for The Parisian, he thus affirmed on his possible candidacy: “In the current state, I am not a candidate, because I do not have the personal and financial resources to be it.”

“I have no party and am not supported by the gotha,” regrets the former Minister of the Economy and Productive Recovery under François Hollande.

After putting his political life on hold in 2017, to devote himself to entrepreneurship made in France, everything suggested that Arnaud Montebourg was seriously considering his presence on the line of contenders. Author of a column on June 7, 2021 in The world, he even launched the injunction to “unite the popular bloc to break the pincers between the bourgeois and reactionary blocs”.

In the interview given to Parisian, however, he tempers his abandonment at the Elysee Palace, declaring himself to be “perfectly available to influence events, participate in all forms of solutions opening an alternative to this deadly duel [Emmanuel Macron face à Marine Le Pen] which brings France into an impasse and into internal confrontation ”. Because for him, there is no doubt: “If the country remains on the current slope, Marine Le Pen will be president.” He therefore invites the left to give itself “a big kick in the buttocks”, which he deplores that she “left the national story by abandoning the middle and popular classes”.

In the same remarks, he offers a track to consider a victory against the duel Emmanuel Macron / Marine Le Pen: “We must return to economic questions – take back our sovereignty, social and face problems such as immigration control. and security. ” And for Arnaud Montebourg, no question of remaking a simple union of the left to hope to win. “We must reinvent the National Council of Resistance which would unite social and economic forces, because we are in a storm and chaos threatens”, he argues, confessing that he “exchanges” with policies of the left as well as of the right.

But if he does not feel able to carry these projects, who does he see as an embodiment? Certainly not the best placed in current opinion polls, Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “He adopts an attitude of sectarian destruction of the left”, ducks the former deputy for Saône-et-Loire who wants the elected representative of Bouches-du-Rhône to give up for 2022. Because if it is appropriate that “melenchonism […] was able to be a solution in 2017 ”, he has now, in his opinion,“ become the blockage of the left ”.

The Montebourgeois challenge is therefore significant ten months before the first round of the presidential election: to find an incarnation above the divisions who would therefore benefit from sufficient finances and structure to campaign. Unless Arnaud Montebourg took advantage of this interview to appeal with his foot in his favor …

Bastien Gouly

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