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Monoprix withdraws products containing the acronym “ACAB” – RT in French

The Monoprix sign was questioned on social networks about bottles of smoothies on which appear anti-system slogans and the anti-police acronym “ACAB”. The products were withdrawn immediately.

The Monoprix brand was arrested on social networks on September 12 about bottles of smoothies presenting the anti-police inscription “ACAB”, which means in French: “All the cops are bastards”. Several anti-system slogans and other equivocal graphics also appeared on the packaging of these products.

“Found at Monoprix nation, a smooties true fruit unambiguously displaying, among other messages and drawings more or less garbage, an anti-cops message ACAB on its edition “Back to school 2021” “, tweeted a consumer.

In addition to Internet users, the police union Alliance also reacted by accusing Monoprix of making “its butter on anti-cop hatred” and that this “shame smoothie” was a “perfect manual for destroying police relations. Population”.

Faced with the flood of indignant messages, the Monoprix brand reacted from the first tweet on the evening of September 13 by announcing that the products had been withdrawn from the shelves: “Like you, we do not tolerate this type of message on products. referenced in our brand. We have therefore alerted the supplier concerned and are withdrawing the product as soon as possible… ”

Contacted by BFMTV, the sign simply clarified that it did not want to communicate more at this stage.

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