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Developing franchises and cinematic universes is no longer the best option for all stories and after years of overexploitation, production companies are starting to realize that the system does not promote all of their titles in the same way. However, this does not mean that all ideas should be discarded, as some fit into this trend and have the potential to offer something very interesting, as is the case of the Monsterverse which hopes to shake expectations a little with the arrival. more titans in their series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters which has just released a new official trailer.

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The birth of the Monsterverse

Although franchises are nothing new in Hollywood, unified universes have been touted as a natural evolution of this idea that could ensure success for a decade. The proof of this was the creation of the UCM, which in the superhero genre forever changed the landscape by offering something very specific to its fans in exchange for their long-term commitment. Of course, they themselves already notice the problems with this type of deal, but the concept as such is not bad and can serve to create a much deeper canon than could be achieved with a trilogy .

The Monsterverse was not born straight away, since the initial idea was simply to make an adaptation of Godzilla (2014) – 74% it was more realistic to update the famous character and present him in a completely new setting. Eventually it came together with the proposition of bringing two great figures together for a one-off encounter, which made Godzilla vs. Kong – 85% in a target set for the company. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters This is the second series, the first in live action, which is born from this canon, and it is the one which hopes to delve into the more human part of the saga while presenting more dangerous monsters.

Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters poster (Source: IMDb)
Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters poster (Source: IMDb)

Watch the official trailer here Monarch: Legacy of Monsters:

The film starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen divided Godzilla fans by prioritizing humans, but at the same time it presented an interesting concept to give it a much more melodramatic and suspenseful touch. A few years later, the premiere of Kong: Skull Island – Monarch: Legacy of Monsters |  New titans surprise in the official trailer |  United States printing76% confirmed that audiences were ready to accept this version of the characters and wanted to know a lot more about how the world perceives these creatures who can easily end everything. With this in mind, the Monarch organization was presented as a very important part that seeks to ensure the existence of humanity while investigating what these titans are, what they want, and how they are treated.

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The Apple TV+ series, premiering on November 17, will serve to show what happened after Godzilla appeared in San Francisco and the revelation that these titans exist and are gradually waking up. According to the official synopsis, two brothers will seek the truth about their father and his links with the Monarch organization which has been working in the shadows for years waiting for the right moment to attack. This will lead them to meet Lee Shaw, an officer who knows the secrets of the association and has his own take on monsters.

“Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” will introduce new titans

In this official trailer, fans can see the arrival of new titans, although we cannot speculate much about them since their numbers are not very clear yet. It is obvious that this is one of the strong points of the story that hopes to surprise connoisseurs and viewers who are familiar with the Monsterverse. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters It will take place over several years and feature different generations of soldiers and scientists who in one way or another have been close to the titans.

The stars of the series Anna Sawaiwho plays Cate Randa, daughter of Bill Randa, a Monarch scientist who was seen in the hands of John Goodman in Kong: Skull Island and that in the series he will be played by Anders Holm for his younger version. We also have Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell, father and son who will play Lee Shaw in different years and who are presented as a very important force so that the protagonist can better understand his father’s secrets and what the organization wants to achieve with his research.

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