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Mom bear and cubs take a dip in California vacation rental pool, video shows

A vacation property in California comes complete with a pool, a basketball hoop – and four cubs following their mother, video shows.

A mother bear and her cubs strolled in the yard of a vacation rental in Arcadia, video shows. The mother bear used the pool as her personal bathtub.

Her cubs waited patiently for her to finish swimming, videos show. They wander around.

A cub approaches the mother and gets splashed. When the bear comes out of the pool, she walks over to a woman standing behind a sliding glass door in the house.

As the mother bear begins to walk away, she realizes that she has forgotten something: one of her cubs.

The little one was having fun in the puddle left by his mother, watch videos. Finally, the little one finds his mother.

“A teddy bear is left behind after the mother comes out of the pool and the mother comes back to push the little one to join the family,” Storyful reported.

California’s black bear population has increased over the past 25 years, according to the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife. There are up to 40,000 black bears in the state.

The bears are emerging from hibernation and increasingly sharing space with a growing population of people, officials said.

Last week, a bear entered a house in Duarte in search of food, McClatchy News reported.

California wildlife officials have warned that if a bear enters your home, you shouldn’t face it.

“Most bears will quickly look for an escape route,” the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said on its website. “Get away to a safe place. Do not block the exit points. If the bear doesn’t leave, go to a safe place and dial 911. ”

California wildlife officials have also offered the following tips to deter bears:

  • Don’t leave food scraps in your garden;

  • Have a bear-proof trash can;

  • Do not take out the trash until the morning when it must be picked up;

  • Do not leave food in your vehicle;

  • Do not use bear spray near your property; (It can attract bears when dried);

  • Do not feed wild animals near your home.

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