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Moderna vaccine: “We will produce large quantities of doses in France”

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Jean-François Hilaire, executive vice-president of the Swedish pharmaceutical group Recipharm, was the guest of Info eco on France 24. The laboratory will produce part of the doses of the Moderna vaccine at its French site in Monts, near Tours, in Indre et Loire, he announced on our antenna.

In order to be able to deliver “doses in large quantities at the beginning of 2021”, the group is preparing to recruit 60 people, continued Jean-François Hilaire. Production of the vaccine should start in January and take place 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The group has also started purchasing equipment. The whole represents an investment of a little less than 2 million euros, a sum which remains modest insofar as it already has “the know-how and the expertise” on its site of Monts.

Recipharm has initiated discussions with the French State to receive funds intended for the installation of future production lines. “The discussions we are having with the government show that it is very attentive to taking control of the pharmaceutical supply chains. We are working with it to offer it solutions,” said Jean-François Hilaire.


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