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mobilization of hundreds of farmers in support of a journalist victim of threats – RT in French

Hundreds of farmers gathered in Rostrenen in Brittany in support of journalist Morgan Large. She has been the victim for several months of acts of intimidation since she investigated Breton agriculture and its abuses.

Several hundred demonstrators defended the freedom to inform, on April 6 in Rostrenen (Côtes-d’Armor), after a “serious malicious act” targeting journalist Morgan Large, who is investigating agribusiness in Brittany.

On March 31, journalist from Radio Kreiz Breizh (RKB), a bilingual French-Breton community radio station based in Rostrenen, realized that several bolts securing her rear wheel had disappeared. A “voluntary endangerment” according to his colleagues, who called for a strike and a rally.

Moved to tears in front of more than 500 people, the 49-year-old journalist listed the pressures undergone, between loss of subsidies for her media and night phone calls, since she investigated Breton agriculture.

A new step has been taken since she testified in the documentary Brittany: a sacrificed land broadcast mid-November on France 5. “I became a target because I was designated as a target. My face appeared on the FRSEA Bretagne Twitter account, I was clearly the person to attack, ”explained the journalist.

Already in December, the doors of the radio station had been forced open. Before realizing that the bolts were missing from her wheel, she said that she had driven with her children, “maybe 250 km”. “Next time, what am I going to check?” That there is no fire in my house? You can’t live in a bunker, ”says Morgan Large. “I don’t have the impression of saying things as serious as that, but I scratch the national agricultural novel which is to say that we feed the planet and that French products are the best in the world”, adds- she does.

Happy to see so many people gathered in this town far from major cities, Sylvain Ernault, representative of the SNJ (National Union of Journalists) sees “a good message sent to all those who would like to harm Morgan”. “It shows a real attachment to press freedom. There is a citizen shield that is forming around her and all the journalists who feel threatened, ”he believes.

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