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Mobilization across France against the Global Security Act in a tense context – RT in French

Opponents of the Global Security Act are mobilizing this November 28, 2020 across the country. In Paris, the demonstration for a time prohibited – the prefecture proposed a static rally in République – was finally authorized by the courts.

  • saturday 28 november

It is a mobilization under tension that is taking place this November 28 throughout France against the Global Security law. The attitude of the police will indeed be particularly scrutinized after the controversies surrounding the violent arrest of a music producer or the evacuation of migrants from Place de la République on 23 November.

On November 21, when the global security law had not yet been voted, several journalists were also hampered in their work to cover the mobilization against the text. On November 23, journalist Remy Buisine was beaten three times by police while he was covering the evacuation of migrants in République.

More than 70 rallies around the country against the law

After the demonstrations of November 21, new “freedom marches” are thus planned for November 28 in more than 70 cities, as well as in front of the French embassies in The Hague and Berlin, according to the Stop Global Security Law coordination.

In Paris, the demonstration, initially banned by the police headquarters, which recommended a static rally, could finally be held after an interim decision by the administrative court, Dominique Pradalié of the National Union of Journalists told AFP ( SNJ). “The prefectural decree has been suspended,” explained the SNJ general secretary after the hearing on November 27, paving the way for a Republic march in Bastille, from 2 p.m.

The Stop Global Security Law coordination, made up of journalists’ unions, human rights NGOs and associations, calls for the withdrawal of the proposed law of articles 21 and 22 “which organize mass surveillance” , as well as article 24, which aims to penalize the “malicious” dissemination of the image of the police, and the withdrawal of the new national law enforcement plan.

Emmanuel Macron denounces an “unacceptable aggression”

The comprehensive security bill, which has already received a green light from the National Assembly, has aroused significant mobilization among journalists and beyond.

The mobilization found a new echo after the circulation by the Loopsider media of images of police violence against a black music producer. Posted on November 26, the topic has been viewed over 13 million times on Twitter, becoming one of the most viral videos on Twitter in France.

This new controversy led the next day to a reaction from Emmanuel Macron on social networks. In this message, the Head of State denounces “the unacceptable aggression” of the producer by the police. “Images that make us ashamed”, he adds before asking the government to “quickly make proposals” to “fight more effectively against all forms of discrimination”. “France must never allow hatred or racism to flourish,” he said in conclusion, calling for “an exemplary police force with the French”, but also “exemplary Frenchmen with the police”.

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