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Mobile telephony: 5G arrives in Brest [Vidéo] – Brest

Whether we consider administrative Brittany (four therefore) or historical (five), the case is heard: Brest is the first Breton city equipped with 5G. Thanks to “the history of the company in this city”, said, this Friday morning, two of its representatives, during a presentation to the press at the Capuchins: nearly 200 employees, the almost complete connection of Brest (94 % of eligible households) and its metropolitan area (85%), optical fiber, ahead of many territories. Since this Friday, 98% of the city of Brest is covered by 5G. Since October, the public can equip themselves with a compatible telephone and subscribe to one of the offers (more expensive by a few euros than for 4G). Now it works.

4G continues

The Rennes and Nantes public debates that said, have largely contributed to the operator, which a priori awaits the end of discussions in these metropolises, to make Brest its regional pioneer of 5G. In the great West, only Le Mans and Angers have been covered for a few weeks.

Orange is using its existing network of antennas (it has adapted it but did not want to say at what cost) to distribute this technology, which quadruples, or more, the speed of 4G. Which 4G continues, of course, to work. 5G can transfer larger files faster.

Anticipate saturation of the 4G network

“For individuals, there is greater ease of use: the duration is greatly reduced, for downloading or streaming videos, games… Saturation, when there are several users, is moving away. And this makes it possible to anticipate the saturation of the 4G network planned for the end of 2022 ”, specified Olivier Mallegol, director of the western networks at Orange. Data traffic is reportedly increasing by 40% on average each year.

“2G was for voice, 3G for the Internet, 4G for applications and 5G for what we do with it,” says Orange. “This will help the ecological transition of cities, thanks to the Internet of Things: direct monitoring of waste, water transport … And a gigabyte consumed in 5G requires ten times less energy than in 4G”, according to Katell Henry, responsible for local authorities in Finistère at Orange.

Free already covers a small part of the city in 5G, along some major routes, while Orange covers almost all of it and overflows in neighboring municipalities. The expansion to the rest of the metropolis will take place in the years to come, without further details.


To know precisely the area covered by 5G in Brest, you can zoom in the coverage map on the internet at the address

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