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Mj Rodriguez’s trending fashion statements are Emmy-worthy

Mr. J. Rodrgez is born at Pose.

The actress’ performance in the drama FX not only helped modern audiences experience the queer ballroom culture of the 80s and 90s, but also shed light on the challenges black trans women still face today. ‘hui.

After three seasons at the helm of House of Evangelista, the Television Academy has finally crowned Mj with a long-awaited Emmy nomination. In fact, she makes history as the first trans woman to be recognized in a lead actor category.

From Mj’s point of view, recognition “finally opens the doors and shows how we exist in the world”. She explained on E! Daily pop, “It gives a bigger picture of who we are as human beings and shows us that we are human more than anything.”

And while the artist is praised for opening up avenues within the LGBTQ + community, she also knows a thing or two about doing it on the red carpet.