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The senses. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) On Tuesday unveiled a plan to gradually increase the minimum wage to $ 10, rather than the $ 15 targeted by their fellow Democrats. The reaction from the Conservatives has been mixed.

Brad Polumbo, writing in Washington Examiner, called the plan an “abandonment” of fiscal conservatism, comparing it to “something coming out of” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) office. The plan, Polumbo continues, “ignores everything the Tories are supposed to understand about the economy and the perils of big government,” saying that if Romney and Cotton are selling themselves as “pro-family social conservatives,” their plan ” would harm working families if implemented. “

AT The national review, however, John McCormack writes that research has shown that the plan would not cost jobs at its median estimates, and high-end estimates indicate around 100,000 losses. McCormack’s colleague Robert VerBruggen believes it will “resonate with the public” as a compromise policy that comes attached to an immigration enforcement measure – in addition to the gradual increase in wages, the plan Romney-Cotton would force companies to use the “E-verify system” to ensure that their employees are legally in the country and have the right to work.

AT Bloomberg, Michael Strain, director of economic policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, praised the Romney-Cotton plan for its patience, noting it would delay the increase until the coronavirus pandemic “is in the rearview mirror “, as the Democratic proposal backed by President Biden would begin to spread in June. But he doesn’t think that will stop Democrats from continuing to push for further increases and ultimately resolve the fact that “Republicans would always be on the losing side of a popular issue.” He’s also skeptical of the immigration law enforcement compromise. He described it as a “politically interesting match” but explained that he “preferred to see a modest increase in the minimum wage paired with policies that would improve jobs and skills”.

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