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Mister France: the Breton Pierre Carriou in contention for the national title

How does one become Mister Bretagne?

I was first elected Mister Côtes-d’Armor, March 8, 2020, in Lannion (22). I went there a bit by chance. I had been contacted via my Facebook account by Boris Tessier from the organizing committee Talent BZH agency. Several friends had also thought of me and pushed me to do so. Apparently I had a profile that matched. I signed up with my cousin telling myself it was only one Sunday in our weekend. At first, it made us laugh a little.

Pierre Carriou during his election as Mister Bretagne, surrounded by his first runner-up, the Guingampais Aodren Mahé, and his second, the Vannetais Geoffroy Galli (Pascal Herpa)

Why not go head-to-head: commerce, fashion and sport. It would be great

Are there specific criteria to participate?

Yes, physical criteria, obviously. Make at least 1.78 m. It was necessary send our measurements and several photos : dressed, in boxer shorts, under all profiles. We were also asked about our motivation and what the competition could bring us. I replied that it could be beneficial for my future, let me know a lot of people. During the Brittany competition, we had to practice doing several choreographies and also have a little introductory speech.

Are you a Paimpolais, now a student in Rennes?

Yes, I studied at Saint-Joseph college, then at Kerraoul high school before Kersa high school in Ploubazlanec in pro commerce bac. Today, I am in the second year of BTS commerce management units in Rennes. But the competition made me want to know this universe of models and modeling, of fashion. Before, that did not interest me particularly, but why not carry out everything head-on: trade, fashion and sport. It would be great.

Are you very athletic?

Yes, sport is my passion. I do a lot of weight training and crossfit, running, cardio, boxing… Anything that allows you to let off steam. For competitions, it was also a criterion to be athletic. For the Mister France competition (which takes place this Saturday, May 8 in live streaming from Montpellier), I took advantage of the confinement to prepare myself physically.

It gets very serious!

Let’s say it gets a little more professional. For the Mister Côtes-d’Armor competition, we were a little more free. Now we have public status. You have to pay attention to your image, especially what you put on social networks …

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