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Mist on the east coast caused by wildfires raging in the west

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Smoke from wildfires in the West makes the east coast gasp

On Tuesday, the New York City skyline featured more than the hazy shades of summer, as it was filled with smoke from some 3,000 miles away – where dozens of wildfires continue to ignite the western United States and Canada, ruled by the enormous mass of Oregon. Contraband fire. Smoke from the wildfires has prompted an advisory from New York health officials as the region’s air quality index hit 118, which is unhealthy for those with respiratory problems. Air quality readings well above 100 were also recorded in Boston, Hartford and Philadelphia. Across the border, 500 miles northwest of New York City, Toronto was also blanketed in smoke and smog. More than 80 wildfires in 13 western states have charred. nearly 1.3 million hectares. The largest, the Bootleg Fire, now covers an area about half the size of Rhode Island. He even created at least two of what are known as “clouds of fire,” an unusual phenomenon caused by rising smoke. These clouds can produce their own lightning and essentially cause a fire-generated thunderstorm.

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