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Minneapolis on the edge before George Floyd’s murder trial

The trial of former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd is set to begin in just a week, and the tension is palpable in many parts of the city.

What is happening: Barbed wire fences, concrete barriers and plywood fortify city buildings and downtown private towers, as officials brace for the possibility of large crowds and civil unrest.

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  • Thousands of National Guard soldiers and law enforcement officers will be on hand to assist with security.

  • Businesses are struggling with the opportunity to embark or to remain open.

  • Demonstrators promise to show up downtown to demand justice and more accountability from the police.

  • And the organizers at the 38th and Chicago plan to create “a space for heartbreak, love and community building” at the site of George Floyd’s murder.

What you say: Much more nervous than usual. “” Worried about civil unrest. “” Very concerned that the police / security presence is making the situation even worse. “” Afraid that justice will not be served, but determined and ready to stand by my neighbors and raise your voice. “

And after: City staff will hold another briefing at 10 a.m. Monday to review the plans before the jury selection begins on March 8. look here.

  • The Minnesota Court of Appeal, in the meantime, will hear oral arguments in the prosecution’s request to reinstate the third degree murder charges before trial.

What you can do: Cassie Sawyer, a Twin Cities therapist specializing in racial trauma, has seen an influx of clients since May.

  • She recommends relying on the community, especially “people with whom you feel safe and trusted,” moving your body through walking, dancing or art, and tapping into ancestral spirituality or wisdom.

  • Sawyer’s practice, Root to Crown Healing & Wellness offers discounted rates to Black, Native and Colored clients who are struggling financially.

Go further: Torey’s dispatch from downtown Axios today.

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