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Minister criticized after proposing Legion of Honor to Poitiers flying club presidents – RT in French

Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari proposed to decorate with the Legion of Honor the presidents of the Poitiers flying clubs who saw their subsidies removed by the mayor Europe Ecology Les Verts of the city. A strongly criticized proposal.

By proposing to decorate two presidents of Poitiers flying clubs, the Minister for Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari drew the wrath of various political figures on April 8. According to his cabinet, the Minister of Transport wished, “through this gesture”, to show his support for these two leaders after the abolition of subsidies for their flying clubs voted by the Poitiers city council on March 29.

The deputy and first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, for his part, ironically proposed another action: “I propose to grant the legion of honor to all the presidents of associations who have seen their subsidized jobs and the reserve disappear. parliamentary because of government decisions. ”

Many environmentalists reacted, like the boss of Europe Ecology The Greens (EELV), Julien Bayou, who felt he did not know “the merits” of the presidents of flying clubs. “If it is just to make the controversy last then it is lamentable and not very respectful”, criticized Julien Bayou, for whom “LREM breaks everything, even the Legion of Honor”.

For the deputy and president of Generation ecology Delphine Batho, “to use a distinction of the Republic for political propaganda is a fault. The minister must be called to order and to the State’s sense of responsibility ”.

The rebellious French MEP Manuel Bompard also castigated the proposal: “And now here is the use of the Legion of Honor for political purposes. Macronism is the negation of the most elementary rules of the Republic. ”

The Paris adviser Aurélien Véron (List “Change Paris – Republicans, centrists and independents”) judges that if “EELV is a scourge […] suffering their abuse does not justify lowering the Legion of Honor in this way, just for the buzz … “

The Minister of the Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili, who has supervision over Transport, to herself reframed her Minister Delegate Jean-Baptiste Djebbari. “The Minister does not prejudge the merits of the people mentioned and will take cognizance of their files if the Minister for Transport makes his proposal a reality. She nevertheless considers that the Republican decorations are not intended to be awarded in the context of political controversies, ”the ministry told AFP.

“Obviously the Legion of Honor is not a tool intended to respond to or close controversies”, for his part reacted government spokesman Gabriel Attal on leaving the Council of Ministers.

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