Minecraft Movie Stars Celebrate The Game’s 15th Anniversary With Cake

It’s a big week for Minecraft as the game is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary, and as part of that, all kinds of celebrations are taking place right now.

Upstream of Minecraft moviescheduled to hit theaters on April 4, 2025, two of the film’s stars – Jack Black and Jason Momoa – were featured in a short but incredibly energetic sketch. It will be interesting to see how this translates when the film arrives next year.

In an April update, it was reported that the Minecraft movie was officially finished. Jack Black was recently featured in Kung Fu Panda 4 (and also voiced Bowser in the Mario movie) and Jason Momoa is known for taking on the role of Aquaman in the DC Universe.

In case you missed our Minecraft birthday article, Mojang is celebrating the holiday with some goodies. The latest one you can get your hands on is a free birthday-themed cape. As for the daily item to give away, it is a free Ender Hood.

“Starting today, you can claim the exclusive birthday cape to wear on your next adventure or on your favorite server. It’s yours to keep, so show it off however you want! Don’t make any whistling noises, otherwise you might startle someone. »

Microsoft and Mojang are also currently having a sale on all platforms, including the Switch – with Minecraft, Minecraft Legends and Minecraft Dungeons at 50% off the regular price.

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