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Milwaukee woman accused of setting husband on fire while sleeping

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A woman faces multiple charges for allegedly setting her husband on fire while he was sleeping.

Charges against Tuhonsty Marie Smith include arson of a building, reckless endangerment of security and first degree chaos, domestic violence assessments.

During his initial appearance, the court determined that Smith would undergo a skills assessment

The victim, Henry Williams, told police his wife’s behavior has changed recently and has increased in recent days after telling Smith he was leaving her.

In the wee hours of June 3, Williams said he woke up to realize his hair was on fire and tried to extinguish it with his bare hands. Williams also rushed into her three-month-old daughter’s bedroom, grabbed her and ran out of that house. Williams told police Smith was the only other person in the house.

Williams suffered second and third degree burns. A GoFundMe page is trying to raise money for her medical bills and recovery.

The owner where Williams and Smith lived is also a longtime friend of Williams’ family.

“Because I’ve known Henry since he was a kid, I’m just heartbroken for him,” Denise Wilson told CBS 58. Home is just one thing and that’s why you have insurance, but as long as he’s okay that’s my main concern. “

Wilson took a tour of the damage at the house and said she spoke with Williams who was released from the hospital. She expressed her support for him and hopes for a speedy recovery.

“I’m just glad he got the baby out and is okay,” Wilson said. “It will be a long road to recovery with his burns, but eventually he will be fine.”

Smith will make another court appearance later this month when his jurisdictional report is complete.

Williams’ GoFundMe page can be found HERE.

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